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End customers today choose brands, products, services and experiences that are highly relevant to them.

In order to find out what is really relevant for their customers, many companies already carry out extensive analyses of their customer data. The customer insights gained in this way provide a valuable knowledge base, but are often only based on internal data.

The challenge, however, is to transfer the insights gained into truly relevant customer experiences.

This transfer often fails because many providers have a gap between analysis and experience and valuable external data sources are not used.

At DATALOGUE, we bridge this gap, connecting data to real customer experiences, integrating other external data sources and making your business a customer relevance leader.

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Customer Relevance

We develop your company step by step and sustainably into a customer relevance leader

The Customer Relevance Platform is our core. It combines human and artificial intelligence and is made up of four modules that are individually combined according to customer needs.

From the ANALYSIS MODULE we gain important insights from internal and external customer data.

Using the PLAN MODULE, we identify the relevance triggers of each customer type with the help of AI and develop the customer interaction plan from this.

With the ACT-MODULE we implement the Customer Interaction Plan and create relevant customer experiences. Step by step, we build and expand Customer Relevance Leadership for your company on this basis.

Using the OPTIMIZE MODULE, we increase the relevance of each individual customer interaction on the basis of our success analyses. The success of our Customer Relevance Platform is measurably reflected in steadily increasing value creation.

Customer relevance platform

The Customer Relevance Framework

The modules of our Customer Relevance Platform form the basis for all projects that we implement together with our clients. This framework is based on years of experience from customer projects, is a standardised process of the relevant working methods and project components and thus ensures the greatest possible efficiency on your way to generating the maximum business impact.


In order to work in a data-based manner, the existing data, which is often stored in different silos, must first be made usable.

Customer relevance platform details


Once the data is in the right form, it is enriched by combining it with other external data sources and relevance is generated.

Customer relevance platform details


On this basis, the marketing and communication measures with relevant messages to the target group are planned and carried out in the implementation including marketing technology.

Customer relevance platform details


Last but not least, all measures are considered, results are evaluated, interpreted, and conclusions are drawn for the follow-up measure in order to permanently optimise the measures for maximum business impact. This is what we call the closed-loop principle.

Customer relevance platform details

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