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How do you successfully turn an initial contact into a purchase decision? And what is the best way to support people on their individual customer journey? We help you not only to generate valuable B2B and B2C leads, but also to accompany them throughout the entire customer lifecycle in an effective and sales-promoting manner.

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ZHAW Report 2024: Marketing Automation & AI: Tactics & tools for AI-based lead generation

In the new 2024 report „Marketing Automation & AI: Tactics & Tools for AI-based Lead Generation”, the ZHAW E-Commerce Lab awards the Lead Automation Maturity Index (LAMI) and crowns DATALOGUE champion with the highest overall score.

This index consists of the areas of lead research, lead generation, lead engagement, lead scoring and lead automation.

The average score for all participating companies was 36 points. DATALOGUE achieved a score of 74, making it the company with the highest index value. In the arena of lead research, DATALOGUE was awarded almost the maximum possible score of 95 out of 100 points.

You can download the complete study here.

Lead Management: Targeted development of potential

We have years of experience in making our customers more successful as their competent partner for lead generation and management. We rely on the best possible combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence - and thus create demonstrable and measurable added value for our customers in five steps.

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We analyze your target groups

The basis for targeted lead generation is an understanding of your own target group. When defining a clear target image, we use our Customer Insight Analysis, among other things.

By translating these target groups into address and campaign concepts and developing Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), we lay the foundation for efficient market development and sustainable customer growth.

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We create a lead creation machinery

We define the right strategy for you to acquire and develop leads. In doing so, we cover topics such as landing pages, conversion concepts as well as the automated display via various channels and the ongoing qualification of leads.

We use your internal data as well as various external data sources such as additional personal or company characteristics. Thanks to artificial intelligence and automated communication channels, an automated lead engine is created.

We not only help you with strategy development, implementation and the operational operation & optimization of campaigns, but also with the evaluation and implementation of the required tools.

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We identify sales potential and triggers

In the third step, we help you to identify occasions and topics for a targeted approach by automatically identifying triggers and points of contact.

These triggers form an integral part of lead automation. However, we also make them available to you to control your sales force, e.g. directly via our interactive map tool.

We create cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Existing customers can also be leads for further products. Using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, we help you to identify leads with potential in your portfolio.

We work with you to develop the appropriate approach concepts and multi-level communication channels, thus creating the basis for optimized customer communication.

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And what can we do better than others?

Our focus has long been on automation and the optimized use of marketing tools. Thanks to artificial intelligence and a deep understanding of brands and markets, we can provide our customers with targeted support in lead generation and management.

  • Identification of relevant leads and accounts via various online and offline sources
    Examples: Event participation, website visits, job changes
  • Data enrichment at lead and account level
    Examples: Firmographics, tech stack used, 1st/2nd/3rd degree contact network, social media posts, vacancies
  • Ongoing scoring of leads across all data points and individual behavior
    Examples: Website visits, newsletter engagement and inventory reconciliation via statistical twins
  • Identification of address and need triggers
    Examples: Posts, event participation, scraping of websites, job changes by decision-makers, industry developments
  • Targeted nurturing of leads and measures across different channels
    Examples: Email, social media, physical mailings, telephone contacts

Automation and AI enabled these processes and the individual use cases to be continuously linked, integrated, automated and optimized. For example, the quality of the results of text analyses was increased by more than 20 percent compared to the rule-based approach thanks to AI and sales employees were relieved of administrative and repetitive tasks so that they could focus on direct customer conversations.

On the one hand, the close in-house interaction between the IT, analytics and marketing departments and a solution-agnostic approach had an accelerating effect: the AI tools used were evaluated and implemented based on the corresponding use case - not the other way around.

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