Data Technology

Data-driven intelligence needs a relevant operating system. Our technology experts ensure that data turns into relevantly added value for your company.

To do this, we use proprietary solutions developed in-house, but we also use best-of-breed applications so that we always have the right answer to your individual challenge.

Data quality

The only way that Big Data can become Smart Data is if optimal data quality is ensured. At DATALOGUE, we therefore use all possibilities to prepare your data for relevant data analysis: from data profiling to certified data quality management to focused closed-loop processes.

This way, we create the basis for a sustainable return on investment, the long-term value retention of your customer database and a reliable analysis basis for more agility within your company.

Data quality
Working in the DATALOGUE Office

Scalable performance for your business

Whether data warehousing, closed-loop system architecture, data discovery, data staging or marketing automation - our technology experts are ready for any of your challenges.

Suitable market solution or tools individually designed for your problem - together we identify your specific requirements and the right solution for your project.

Our experts know exactly what is important: speed, scalability and maximum quality are important building blocks for a functional and goal-oriented system landscape in the area of data & analytics.

The concept: Seamless integration. Our marketing automation tools

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your systems. For this, we rely on a headless solution that ensures high customer relevance in connection with your infrastructure via interfaces in real time.

Opt-in Management

Discover our unique hyper-personalisation tool for personalised customer experiences and maximum focus on conversion.

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The opt-in according to GDPR is the basis for any customer approach. We have developed an intelligent software for this that can easily be integrated into your system environment: DATALOGUE Easy OPT-IN. Our tool enables you to centrally manage your customer consents across channels, including functionalities such as T&C versioning, voice file archiving and double opt-in.

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Our intelligent process brain forms the basis of all data-based automated decisions - including Data Visualisation Engine and Marketing Data Dashboard.

Our technology offers at a glance

  • Reporting & dashboarding
  • Process automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Database hosting
  • Development and connection of apps & APIs
  • Concept & Implementation of CRM platforms
  • Channel management on-/offline
  • Multichannel tracking incl. optimisation strategies
  • Data selections for action control
  • Merging internal/external data serving as an analytical data platform
  • DATALOGUE Suite as the basis for an individual and demand-oriented system
  • Creation of technical data concepts
  • Custom MAIL - Newsletter tool
  • Decision engine
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