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We have developed an intelligent software for legally compliant customer approach: DATALOGUE Easy OPT-IN.

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Streamline Your Opt-In Management and Increase Customer Value with Datalogue Easy Opt-In. Our user-friendly tool with an intuitive interface simplifies the process of obtaining and managing legally compliant advertising consents.

With centralized control and expansion of opt-ins across your entire organization, you can target your customers more effectively, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Get on the safe side of GDPR compliance with Datalogue Easy Opt-In today.

Your Benefits at a glance

Maximize Customer Value
by monetizing your Opt-ins
Boost your Efficiency
centralized operations in one tool
Drive Customer Satisfaction
with transparent Opt-in Management
Ensure legal compliance
100% GDPR-compliant customer communication
Easy OPT-IN Platform

GDPR-compliant Opt-in management with DATALOGUE Easy OPT-IN

For transparency and the precise planning of CRM measures, it is important that the consent of your customers from all channels is available in a centralised location. No matter whether the consent is given via POS, postal mailings, E-Mail, the website or call centres: With DATALOGUE Easy OPT-IN, your marketing, inbound/outbound or aftersales divisions can access all data centrally and control opt-in management as a whole.

Efficient opt-in management as a competitive advantage

The European Union caused a big stir in May 2018 when it adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many companies have struggled to implement the new data protection requirements. The challenges of effectively implementing marketing activities have increased significantly and corporate data protection is already facing its next big challenge in the upcoming ePrivacy regulation.

An essential component of a data protection-compliant company organisation is the legally compliant handling of opt-ins.

of all German companies have no or inadequate opt-in administration
The rate of fines for GDPR infringements increased in 2019 to 2020, with an upward trend
4.5 billion
Fines since 2019 for companies due to GDPR violations

Our promise

Partner at eye level
We are the partner of several TecDAX groups as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises from a wide range of industries.
Experts in data management
We are at home in the areas of CRM, data analytics and data protection. We already process more than 50 million customers' data per month - GDPR-compliant.
100% secure IT architecture
Our state-of-the-art IT architecture, certified by ISO NORM 27001, enables easy connections as well as fast transmission and processing.
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