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Our strength is the target-oriented management of large customer portfolios. Based on many years of expertise from various industries with subscription models and our innovative DATALOGUE Customer Relevance Framework, we create maximum relevance for your customer relationships. We optimise your CRM with our data-based personas, a focused customer journey concept and behaviour-based decision engines such as Next Best Offer & Next Best Activity.

We use the entire customer lifecycle to successfully increase customer value and loyalty.

Make the right decisions based on data.

Whether opt-in generation, onboarding journeys, contact optimisation in customer service, up- and cross-selling campaigns or even prevention, retention and loyalty: we identify the most effective business levers and apply them with the help of the appropriate marketing automation tools as a full-service for you.

The components of our CRM consulting


Data & Insights. We recognise the relevant moment.

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Strategic consulting. Focus on short time to market.

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Marketing Automation Tools. Fast and flexible.

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The concept: Seamless integration. Our marketing automation tools

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your systems. For this, we rely on a headless solution that ensures high customer relevance in connection with your infrastructure via interfaces in real time.

Opt-in Management

Discover our unique hyper-personalisation tool for personalised customer experiences and maximum focus on conversion.

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The opt-in according to GDPR is the basis for any customer approach. We have developed an intelligent software for this that can easily be integrated into your system environment: DATALOGUE Easy OPT-IN. Our tool enables you to centrally manage your customer consents across channels, including functionalities such as T&C versioning, voice file archiving and double opt-in.

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Our intelligent process brain forms the basis of all data-based automated decisions - including Data Visualisation Engine and Marketing Data Dashboard.

Our CRM service areas at a glance:

  • Termination prevention / Churn prevention
  • Customer acquisition
  • Onboarding journey for new customers
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Identify and utilise cross- and upselling potentials
  • Next best offer & next best action
  • aCRM systems
  • Customer insight analysis
  • Segmentation of your customer base
  • Opt-in and advertising permission campaigns
  • Hyperpersonalisation
  • Custom MAIL - Newsletter-Tool
  • Easy OPT-IN - central management of advertising consents
  • mehr:wert: Third-party products for innovative revenue streams based on subscription models
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