Our promise for your business:

  • More new customers
  • Higher conversion
  • Increased digitalization
  • Reduction of churn rates
  • Expanding existing-customer-potential
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Our mission:
maximising revenue and profit through data!

We are your navigator in the world of databased marketing and sales.

We offer success through a Data-Driven Business.

This means we combine different service areas, which are usually performed separately, and increase their effectivity. We realize this by generating insights from analytics and consulting and combining these with technology and marketing to achieve maximum impact in your business!

By using our unique mix of analysts, consultants, tech-experts & marketeers we help you to identify the right target group and address them with relevant offers.

The DATALOGUE configurator

Increasing revenue and profit with the help of our four services – perfectly tailored to your specific demands & challenges.

The DATALOGUE solution for your business

The perfect approach for every challenge.
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Reduce acquisition cost:

Gain qualitative leads and reduce costs through data-based lead generation & affinity-scores.

Optimize communication & channel use:

Increase relevance of the messages and approach customers through the desired channels.

Data-driven customer journey:

Perform cluster analysis to identify and segmentate customers and lenghthen their customer journey.

Increase customer value:

Database prediction of next best offers and other triggers to approach to existing customers.


Identify customer needs:

Determine detailed personas and their needs and use this for marketing & sales purposes.

Reduce churn rates:
Identify risk groups and prevent customers from churning through churn analyses.


Achieve longterm customer relationships:

Create data-driven contactstrategies to strengthen customer loyalty and build longterm customer relationships.

Precise management of sales & marketing:

DATALOGUE suite – serves as an effective mission control unit for increased revenue from data & insights.

DATALOGUE success stories

We enable our customers to succeed in sales and marketing through data & insights.
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in sales performance
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DATALOGUE for a listed telecom provider
By combining our decision engine with the campaign module, we send more than 14 million newsletters monthly in over 790 variants and thus achieve a 65% higher reach.
increase in bookings
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DATALOGUE for a well known tour operator
We have increased booking activity by 20% through the identification of customers and the creation of data-based contactstrategies.
revenue growth
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DATALOGUE for a large bank
We introduced a multi-channel and campaign management tool based on data analytics and used it to optimize all of the Sparkasse's campaigns. The increase in revenue is between 20 and 60% per campaign.
increase in revenue
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DATALOGUE for a listed wholesaler
We supported the digitalization of the catering industry through the implementation of database and analytical tooling, in order to reach new potential customers and increase revenue for the wholesaler. 


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